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ACTA TAMA 10, the only wire testing and blank cutting sort out fully digital equipment, is the market's most advanced and most reliable testing unit, stemming from ACTA's 40 years experience in the non destructive testing field.

All-in-one eddy current testing and parts (blanks) sort out control design.

Testing in hidden time, during production. Defective parts are rejected via the built in sort out control.

Dedicated to industrial testing in harsh environments, easy mounting and interfacing on any drawing or
cutting machine.

Set up performed from a PC via an USB port. User friendly interface, Microsoft Windows environment.

Digital unit, no constant recalibration needed.

"Ready to use" package also includes one eddy current sensor, cables, single licence setup software, and step by step installation manual.

The TAMA 10 unit is built in a 3U 63TE – 19" filtered and ventilated industrial case.

Design features :
- Dimension : L=380 mm, l=386mm, H=180mm.
- Weight : 8.5 Kg
- Power : 230V AC. / 40 W
- Inputs: Blanks cutting sync pulse.
- Outputs :
Machine start signal 5B69T type sensor.
Defect contact.
Defect ejection contact
TAMA10 ready contact.
X-Y detection signal.

Characteristics :
- Frequency : 1000Hz to 100000Hz.
- Gain : 20 dB to 80 dB, 1 dB step.
- Output voltage : 10 to 99
- Balancing : Fixed or Automatic (temporized).
- Low pass filter: 10Hz to 1000hz
- High pass filter 0 to 300Hz.
- Phase rotation : 0 to 359°
- Delta balancing : 1 to 99.
- Balancing temporization : 1 to 100.
- Threshold setting range : 10 to 95%
- Threshold relay temporization : 20 to 200mS

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