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ACTA AS, the only fully digital equipment in its category, is the market's most advanced and most reliable testing unit, stemming from ACTA's 40 years experience in the non destructive testing field.

Wide 6 sensors test head

Automatic test head positioning and digitally controlled constant gap, whatever the roll profile is.

User friendly interface, Microsoft Windows environment.

Testing in hidden time, during grinding, separate display of bruises, cracks, and magnetism. Indication of the roll profile.

Easy integration in all existing or new grinders.

Real time roll "mapping".

Easy networking, even wirelessly, for immediate access to data where needed.

Digital unit, no constant recalibration needed.

Instant and automatic adaptation to all roll grades (ACTA worldwide exclusivity)

Conception in industrial ventilated and filtered cabinet , for roll shop environment.

Detection unit :

19" 3U rack in a filtered and ventilated industrial cabinet
Microprocessor controlled
9 testing programs
Frequency range 500 Hz  to 500 KHz
Keypad safety lock
Modular conception

Ultrasound option :

Emission :      Frequency : 1 MHz to 20 MHz
Voltage : 10 to 230 v
Pulse width : 25 ns to 350 ns
Reception : Bandwidth : 500 KHz to 20 MHz
Linearity : +/- 0.5dB full range, from 0 to 70dB
Accuracy : +/- 0.5 dB full scale
Prog. filters: 0.5-1-2-4-10-15MHz and wide band
Gain : adjustable from 0 to 70 db, 0.1 dB step
Operation mode : reflection or transmission

Test head :

Automatic positionning system operated by a stepping motor
Automatic gap correction to the roll outline
Test head housing all the sensors :
Eddy current, magnetism, gap
Anti-collision fail safe
Automatic retract to safety position
Encased in a steel housing 2 mm (.08") thick
No wear of the test head : unlimited use under normal conditions
(Dry) roll maximum acceptable surface temperature : 75°C (170°F)

Data acquisition and storage :

Computerized data acquisition and storage system
PC with color monitor and printer
Data processing :
Roll mapping in real time, or
Histogram in real time
Defect decrease during plunge in real time
Subsurface ultrasonic (optional) mapping
Accurate situating of defects
Hard drive storage of each successive roll test
Print out of test report, including date, time, operator's name, machine, roll #, test parameters (others on request)

Type of material tested :

All roll types, cast or forged, for cold and hot rolling, including the most recent grades in high speed steel or high chrome

Dimension of rolls :

Min diameter : 35 mm(1.38")
Max diameter : no limit
Table length : no limit


Defects detected :

Local magnetism
Subsurface cracks (optional)
Internal defects (optional)

Detection sensitivity :

Smallest surface crack ever detected :
Length : .25 mm (.01")
Width : .01 mm (.0004")
Depth : .05 mm ( .002")

Surface inspected :

100% of the roll barrel

Testing time (work roll):

Typ. 2 to 3 mn (depends on the roll rev. speed)

Testing conditions :

Either during grinding or on a ground roll, with no variance in the test results
Roll revolution speed : max 80 rpm (50 rpm with optional ultrasounds), no setting required
Traverse speed : 12-15 mm/rev (.50-.60")

Environment :

Functionnal temperature : -5 +55°C (23-130°F)
Normal and usual conditions of a cold or hot mill roll shop

Electrical requirements :

110 or 220v monophase, 50 or 60 Hz
800 W max.

Weight :

Test head : 30 Kg (66lbs)
Detection unit : 15 Kg (33 lbs)

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